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Martin and Chelsea

Martin and Chelsea Matthews are licensed financial professionals with a combined 15 years of experience.  After years of working with clients, they found themselves coaching many of them to develop better beliefs and habits around money.  You can have the best financial plan in the world, but if you don’t have the right beliefs or habits that plan won’t do you any good.


They discuss how money works through personal and financial development and they are focused on helping people change their mindset and behaviors to make better financial decisions.  They began receiving a similar string of questions, “Do you really get along that well?”  “Do you really enjoy talking about money?”  “How did you build such a successful business together?”  They realized they had figured some things out that many couples desperately wanted the answers to.


So, they wrote a book called Let’s Fight About Money to help couples understand their beliefs and habits around money to communicate better and enjoy more intimacy.  Instead of fighting each other you will begin to fight FOR each other.  But this creates a new problem, now that you are talking about money…what the heck  do you do with it?  they talk about that too!

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