Dave Lorenzo


David Lorenzo is a best selling author, media personality, and sales expert who has built five successful businesses during the past 24 years.
As the founder of Valtimax Consulting, Dave focuses on helping you increase revenue, make more money, and get home, on time, for dinner every night. This means improving the quality of your life while building a successful business.
As a radio show host and professional speaker, Dave delivers the best business strategy and sales information to audiences all over the world. He has an impressive track record of leading entrepreneurs through the start-up process and turning around distressed businesses—quickly.
Dave has worked as a speaker and consultant for numerous FORTUNE 500 companies including Pfizer, Marriott, Textron, and IBM. He is on a mission to help you turn curious prospects into valuable clients with a ferocious, lifelong loyalty to your business.
He is a world-class sales expert known for his process, “60 Seconds to the Sale.”
Dave Lorenzo is your guide to rapid, organic revenue growth.

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