Managing the Family Dynamic of Wealth: Interview with Legacy Planner Thomasina H Williams

When growing wealth, we typically hire Financial Advisors, Estate Planners and CPAs to help us put the money in the right spot for the best tax efficiency and the most appropriate way to pass to heirs; however, according to several studies, approximately 70% of wealth is lost over time when money is passed down to family members. Why is this? We get so caught up in thinking who we are as the amount of money we have, but who manages the human capital when inheriting money? Who helps us determine who to pass to and when and how to manage disagreements? Who trains the family members getting the money on what to do next, especially if they are inheriting massive wealth? We talk with Thomasina on many legacy issues when it comes to wealthy family dynamics. She gives specific examples of how she has helped many families maintain and continue to grow wealth.

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