99: Stepping Into Action with John Marrone

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Your habits control your future. And it takes an immense amount of discipline to be committed to your habits.

In this episode, I’m joined by transformational coach and speaker John Marrone, and we dive into a conversation about habits, growth, and leadership. Tune in and learn the #1 question you have to ask yourself daily, why leadership is truly a lifestyle, and how John went from being homeless, an addict, and in jail to dedicating his life to helping others create the ultimate version of themselves.

Today’s episode is sponsored by my advanced digital training, Unleashed + Unapologetic: How to Become a Thought Leader and Build a Cult Following. If you’re ready to gain visibility, build a loyal following, and create impact while increasing your income, enroll for the U+U training at www.rubyfremon.com/unleashed.

Connect with John…
FB: www.facebook.com/realjohnmarrone
IG: @realjohnmarrone
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvguovURTnd5gLg1OZkICfQ

And find me online everywhere: @iamruby

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