135: Building Meaningful Strategic Partnerships with Cam Martinez

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Creating strategic partnerships in your business will help you go further, but building MEANINGFUL strategic partnerships will help you create a business that people want to be a part of.

Join me and Cam Martinez for an insightful conversation on partnerships, community, and giving back. In this episode, you’ll learn how to build meaningful relationships in business, the importance of having something to leverage in order to achieve your business goals, and how you can build community around your bigger vision.

Cam Martinez is a serial entrepreneur, podcast host of “”The 6-Figure Roadmap,”” and Best Version Business Coach who also runs the operations of a company called LVRG (pronounced: “”leverage””) – a membership association that is on a mission to change the way technology and education is delivered to entrepreneurs by providing the BEST deals and discounts on tools, software and courses, and that is restless in its pursuit of its cause to feed one billion people.

Today’s episode is sponsored by “How to Conquer Your Bullshit with CPR”—my free training that will help you bring your message to the masses. Sign up for the free training at rubyfremon.com.

Connect with Cam…
FB: www.facebook.com/cammartinez01
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/cammartinez/
Podcast: https://shows.pippa.io/the-6-figure-roadmap
FB Group: www.entrepreneurdeals.co

Sign up for LVRG here: www.lvrg.it

And find me online everywhere: @iamruby

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