131: The Impact of Emotional Intelligence with Antesa Jensen

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We’re not taught to feel. But that doesn’t mean that you should bypass your responsibility to learn how to feel.

Join me and Emotional Intelligence and Human-Centric Innovation Expert Antesa Jensen for a deep conversation that goes beyond the perceived parameters of transformational work to unveil how your internal landscape is impacting our world.

In this episode, you’ll learn what emotional intelligence truly is, the difference between being an empath and being someone with high emotional intelligence, how to heal through your feelings (it’s quicker than you think), how your inner-transformation impacts our planet, and how to truly be free. Make sure you stick around until the end where Antesa drops a MAJOR lovepunch that will help you step into greatness.

Antesa Jensen specializes in evoking and cultivating human potential through coaching, speaking, and workshop facilitation.

She holds a deep understanding of human behavior, entropy and its impact on innovation, and the essential ingredients required for sustainable and holistic transformation.

Her mission is to guide businesses in fundamentally transforming their company cultures to be prepared for the unknown and predictably volatile future of the digital era.

After a 12-year career in the financial industry, Antesa founded Adventure Awake, which serves to provide the motivated leaders and influencers she loves to guide with practical tools in uncovering their innate human potential in real-time, through real-life experiences.

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IG: @antesajensen
FB: www.facebook.com/antesajensencoaching

Download her free gift here: www.antesajensen.com/believe

And find me online everywhere: @iamruby

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