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Taking Control

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What do you do when the people on your team are not getting along?
When people on your team are not getting along the first step is to really realize it’s a leadership issue. Once you realize that then you have two solutions. One is what you do to address the current situation the more important solution is what you do so that you minimize the opportunity to ever be back in this situation again. It’s about taking control!

It’s all about taking control. Address the immediate situation with the ones who are not getting along by explaining how and what is affected by them not getting along. Then set ground rules about how communication will go and facilitate by making sure both stay within the ground rules. Commit that no one leaves until resolution.

Now get your team together and create a set of written expectations by getting everyone’s input. This now will be how you will LEAD from this point forward. Last set a consistent reoccurring time to be able to meet with the entire team. Encourage open communication and LEAD!

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