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Expert Tips For Growing Your Brand with Instagram: Amanda Bucci with Luke Nesler

Amanda Bucci talks with Luke Nesler about her expert tips for growing your personal brand with Instagram. Successful fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur, Amanda Bucci stops by the podcast to talk social media marketing tips that have helped her grow a thriving business and generate a large income from her personal brand. This episode will educate […]

Coaching with R.J. Nestor

Luke Nesler, digital marketing expert, meets with R.J. Nestor, a sales coach and communication consultant to talk about how he can use social media marketing to promote his business to his target audience. Luke covers the importance about getting specific with your marketing goals and how you can use Facebook ads manager to track the […]


How do you know if you need an app? Can you generate more sales? Can you reduce your costs? Can you reduce your manpower? Those are the big three. If your idea matches up with those 3 – you need an app! Today I discuss some simple ways to help you decide whether or not […]

You Have to Get Attention Before You Can Get Sales

Getting attention on social media and understanding to turn that attention into sales for your business is the key to success with your digital marketing. Luke Nesler is a digital marketing expert and is here to help you make sense of social media marketing. Learn how to grow your personal brand and increase your revenue […]


You need an app! Your business can not grow and scale without one. Apps aren’t luxury items – they can be utilized by almost any business. Tune in to hear how apps can lower costs, grow your business, and increase outreach. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level then you need […]

Why Women Need To Have Male Allies

The concept of Male Allies is one that is proving to be highly beneficial for women in all stages of their careers, and research shows it’s positively impacting the bottom line for companies in a big way. On this episode, Lisa talks with Julie Kratz, author, speaker, and certified coach, about the importance of having […]

Social Media Mega Influencer Nicole Arbour Tells Her Truth

In this episode of The Lisa Mitchell Show, Lisa has a candid interview with the controversial queen of social media, Nicole Arbour. They tackle all things social influence, showing up in any room with confidence, and handling haters and controversy. She shares the real story about her appearance on The View that was nothing more […]

The Unstoppables: Elevate Your Personal Branding with Luke Nesler

After always having an affection towards owning his own business, Nesler started building his first “serious” business venture while still in college. What started as a video production company, quickly transformed into what is known world-wide as Impakt Media today. Brands like NBC Sports Network, Racer X Illustrated, Harley-Davidson, Major League Baseball, Lucas Oil Pro […]