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Make A Statement With Your Customer

Fashion, Fall, Football, does it get any better? One of the most common questions I’m asked is how to stand out in the sea of noise online? I get it! You want your customers to take notice of your amazing products and services. You need a way to show that you’re the person or business […]

What You Really Need To Make Your Business Work

Today I’m going to take you back to a time when I wondered if my business was ever going to work. I plan to share details that many experts fail to talk about—a time when I was broke, ashamed, and scared. Pure Insanity: I had even interviewed to return to pharmaceutical sales and was planned […]

Business Tips from Top Business Owners: Part 1

Today’s episode is the first of 3 episodes. Nova Wealth Management sponsored City Gala’s charity event out in LA last month and I had the opportunity to interview a bunch of business owners and get the best business tips from the best of the best. Enjoy this first part to the 3-part series featuring The […]

Business Coaching with Stacy Haynes

In this episode of The Jennifer Allwood Show, owner of The Magic Brush and leading interior designer Jennifer Allwood chats with Anchor of Soul Designs business owner and member of her coaching group, Stacy Haynes. Jennifer coaches Stacy and helps her find ways to transform her business.

Time Travel, TIps, and Truths….oh my.

I’ve been wanting to talk about this since the summer of 2016. It’s time for some fun—who said work can’t be fun? After all, there are lessons in our everyday experiences, and some of the best learning about how to make money and get more customers, can be found in real life living. So it’s […]

You Need to Sell Donald Trump

Selling is the way to get anything you want in life, there’s no question about it. Every week, I share tips, tools, and strategies that help you sell without sacrificing your integrity. But today, I’m diving in deep to share with you how to use selling to get what you want in life. Over the […]

The Kindness Campaign with Andra Liemandt

Andra of The Kindness Campaign dropped by to talk about her partnership with Lady GAGA.I have no words to tell you how much this work matters. If you have visions of changing the world for the better pause and listen to this story.