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“Morning Juice!” with Julie Gordon White

Join award-winning entrepreneur and business coach Julie Gordon White every Tuesday and Thursday to get fast and juicy tips (think “Show Me the Money Monday” and “Finance & Fun Friday”) to help you grow the BIG business, lifestyle, and financial freedom you deserve. Catch the Morning Juice!

“Morning Juice!” with Julie Gordon White

If you have a roadblock that’s holding you back, get out a pen and a piece of paper — Julie Gordon White is going to help you draft three columns that will get you past it.

“The 60 Second Sales Show” Never Negotiate Price

“Never, ever negotiate your price…” If a prospect can’t afford your product, negotiate the value you’re going to provide in return for compensation.

“The 60 Second Sales Show” with Dave Lorenzo

One minute can make all the difference in your life. It only takes a minute to develop a powerful relationship that can change everything. Discover how you can make every second count toward delivering value and building a business! In this fast-paced show, sales and business strategy expert Dave Lorenzo helps you unlock the power […]

“The Bill Wooditch Show” with Grant Cardone

“If I don’t quit, I won’t fail!” — “Mr. 10X” meets “Mr. Always Forward”, for an exclusive interview about success and why most people are not seeing the type of success the greats have accomplished.

01: Be Intentional with Your Engagement and Growth

Welcome to the Evolve to Win podcast! Today we’re going to be talking all about growth. We candidly share our personal growth stories, how we’re currently growing together as a business, and how you can step into your growth process. Tune in each week for more!

05: Brad Lea Drops Bombs on What To Do When You Get Someone’s Attention

When you get your customers attention on social media or even offline, you better know what to do and what to day. Brad Lea of Lightspeed VT stops but the Attention Equals Dollars podcast to give you some power tips on networking, sales and how he gets attention by doing things differently.

06: From $0 to $100,000,000 with Matt Manero

Matt Manero of Commercial Fleet Financing and author of You Need More Money joins us to talk about how he built a $100,000,000 empire from nothing more than a dumpy one bedroom apartment and a folding table.