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The Unstoppables: “Play Big” with Sharon Lechter

You always had big dreams. So why did you stop playing big to get them? As kids, we were told, “the sky’s the limit!” and “you can be anything you want to be!” But as you grew up, you slowly started to put limitations on yourself. You got into some debt or thought that you […]

The 60 Second Sales Show with Dave Lorenzo

One minute can make all the difference in your life. It only takes a minute to develop a powerful relationship that can change everything. Discover how you can make every second count toward delivering value and building a business. In this fast-paced show, sales and business strategy expert Dave Lorenzo helps you unlock the power […]

Morning Juice! – Risky Referrals

If you rely on referrals as your only source to generate new leads, you are in trouble!

Creating a Movement, Creating a Mission with Glenn Lundy

Today I’m speaking with Glenn Lundy, General Manager of Dan Cummins Chevrolet and Buick in Paris, Kentucky. Under Glenn’s management, the dealership has grown to be the second largest used car franchise dealership in the U.S. In this episode, we discuss the secret to Glenn’s success—creating a movement, through creating a mission to rid the […]

The Untsoppables with Judge Graham: Scale With Speed

Meet the author behind the book, “Scale with Speed,” Judge Graham! Judge returns to The Unstoppables to talk about growing companies with little to no revenue and selling them for multi- and hundreds-of-millions of dollars.

Your VA Quit, Now What?

Picture it; that dreaded moment when you’re busier than a preacher on a hot Sunday Morning in the deep south (They are super busy!). You’ve got so many balls in the air you’re just praying one will not come crashing down on your head. Then, in your morning meeting, it happens. Those dreaded words, “I’m […]

EPISODE 5: Guest Marie Forleo

Well it’s here…Tis the season of B-School and the vipers are out….everywhere. And I’m OVER it. I’m tired of every single year the same song and dance so I went straight to the source to get answers. This is one of the most important episodes you can watch if you make money online or dream […]