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Sales Celebrities with David Cribbs

How do you take an industry that has been doing the same thing for decades, and spark something entirely new? My guest today, David Cribbs, is doing just that. David has had a long and successful career, in both automotive and real estate, and is also a best-selling author on Amazon. When he worked in […]

Nobody’s Buying What You Aren’t Selling!

Welcome to the very first episode of the Growth Prophets Podcast! Today we are discussing why nobody’s buying what you aren’t selling! In order to have your business be successful, you can’t just focus on what it is that you do. You have to take time to learn to find out what is most important […]

Women In Automotive with Christy Roman

My guest today on The Art of the Big Sell has made waves in the automotive industry in more ways than one. Christy Roman is President of Now Digital, Inc., a digital marketing agency that works with dealerships across the country, as well as the founder of Women In Automotive. Over four years ago, Christy […]

Crush Your Quote with Dan Lier

Dan Lier is a remarkable speaker—and I don’t give out praise lightly! When I asked him about how he got started, he told me about the early part of his career, when he earned his place at the sales table through hard work and determination. But it’s not just brute force and sales strategies that […]

Ads that Convert with Steven Kuhn

Today I’m joined by Steven Kuhn: US Military Combat Veteran, Speaker, best-selling author, and so much more. Join us as we discuss different ads, ad agencies, and making the most out of your existing email list.

Ask A Millionaire with Shawn Thomas

Shawn Thomas describes himself as the “quintessential business guy,” but the path that he’s charted with his accomplishments is different than most. After 11 years as the founder and CEO of Uniguest, a technology solutions company, Shawn sold his business and turned his focus towards sharing his passion and skills with others. He founded Ask […]

Authentic Selling with Kendrick Shope

Kendrick Shope is the founder and CEO of the Authentic Selling sales process, which she created as an alternative to the aggressive model of sales that we’re so used to hearing about. After starting off in lumber sales, Kendrick transitioned to pharmaceuticals when her daughter was born, where she was hugely successful, but didn’t feel […]

Building a Brand on Social Media with Luke Nestler

Building a brand on social media is a crucial step to growing your business and having a strong online presence. But it can be challenging to find your unique voice, when there are so many successful models out there of what we could sound like. My guest today, Luke Nestler, is the owner of Impact […]