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Do You Need a Career Break? with Katrina McGhee

Katrina McGee drops by to tell me if I need a career break.

11: The Inspiring Success Story of Mark Carter

Mark Carter of Carter Sports Marketing joins Luke Nesler to talk about leaving your day job and starting a business. Mark worked for brands like NBC Sports Network and Simple Green before taking the leap to start his own company. Hear his story and how he created a successful company of his own.

The Big Sell: Being a Sales Hustler with Shawn Hays

Shawn ‘s beliefs align so well with mine and today we’re bringing you so much value – you don’t want to miss this episode. Shawn Hays is Your Car Guy, he’s a sales hustler, and he is here to change the game.

WiseHer with Kathryn Rose

Kathryn Rose is on the show today to discuss her project, WiseHer – a technology patform that provides on demand advice for women in business and life.

10: Tips for Developing a Winning Mindset: Bhrett McCabe

Bhrett McCabe works with the worlds top athletes in the NFL, NHL and PGA. He joins me on the Attention Equals Dollars Podcast to talk about how entrepreneurs can develop a winning mindset and shares a few tips that will help you reach your goals in business and sales.

Discussing Depression with Dr. Donnica Moore

Today’s Boss Lady is Dr. Donnica Moore — leader of women’s health. If you think she looks familiar you’re probably right. She’s been seen on ABC, NBC, Tyra Banks, Steve Harvey, Orpah — the list goes on! We’re so happy to have her on today.

Discussing “The Go Giver” with Bob Burg

Bob Burg, international speaker and co author of “The Go Giver” series, joins me today. This episode is an in-depth discussion of Burg’s latest entry in the series, and it’s relevance to todays society.

The Unstoppables Carolyn Cole part two

The second part of Bill Wooditch’s interview with Carolyn Cole. After nearly two decades of working as an attorney, Carolyn Cole decided to follow her dreams to become a show host, entrepreneur and Chief Life Officer of “Boomtank”. Today, her “big case” is to help YOU grow your businesses to create more freedom, more income […]