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Solutionaries with Linda Lattimore

Linda Lattimore brings together her wide-ranging experience and expertise as an attorney and social entrepreneur to create solutions to social challenges. After working as a district attorney and federal prosecutor, she transitioned into the corporate world, where she served as general counsel for a large corporation for 15 years. In 2006, she founded the Women’s […]

Scaling With Speed with Judge Graham

Judge Graham is an author, speaker, and entrepreneurial expert. He has worked across industries from automotive and yoga apparel, to food and skateboarding, and has accumulated a long career of business and digital marketing, insights that are important for any entrepreneur trying to grow a thriving business to hear. His forthcoming book is called Scale […]

Interview with Glenn Lundy

Today we talk to the host of the Rise and Grind Podcast and General Manager to the 2nd largest Auto Dealership in the United States, Glenn Lundy. Glenn shares his story of overcoming all the challenges that he faced to get to become the entrepreneur he is today!

Increase & Speed Up the Know, Like, and Trust Factor in Your Business with Kate Boyd

I’m all for savoring a hot cup of Starbucks or taking time to smell the roses. There are moments in my life that are so good I wish they would go on and on. (Cue the first meeting with Joe Mac From New Kids On The Block!) BUT getting my customers to know, like, and […]

Interview With Daniel Alonzo

This week we talk to media personality, podcaster, speaker, and author, Daniel Alonzo. Daniel tells us his story about becoming financially independent at an early age of 28 and discusses how YOU can earn massive passive income!

3 Days to a Raise: Building the Glass Floor – Discussion on Advancing Women at Work

The report is out:  there are 25% LESS WOMEN CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Are you wondering how many that represents?  We reveal this statistic and more on this exciting show. Bethany interviews Judy Hoberman, President of Selling in a Skirt, and President of Walking on the Glass Floor. Judy is an executive coach and […]

Boss Lady Arestia Rosenberg: Living Your Passion

Producer Arestia Rosenberg dropped by to share about how you can begin to write a book, start a passion project, and even find your passion in a two year trip traveling the world. You can learn more about Arestia Rosenberg and her work at and you can also visit

Having a Consistent, High-Targeted Message with Justin Byrd

Justin Byrd, President of Team Velocity, joins me for today’s episode. Team Velocity is a technology driven organization that automates omni-channel communications in the automotive industry.

Purpose Driven Leadership with Ruby Fremon

Ruby is the coach for the new generation of thought leaders. As a Top Breakthrough Coach for purpose-driven leaders who are ready to bring their big missions into the spotlight, her no-bullshit approach ignites true transformation, while flipping fear into actualized ambition, and doubt into absolute confidence. Ruby works with leaders, from artists to entrepreneurs, […]

13: Failing Forward: Bill Wooditch

Mega successful entrepreneur, author and speaker, Bill Wooditch joins Luke Nesler on the podcast to talk about failure and how all great entrepreneurs have failed their way to success in business.