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Navigating Through Heartbreak with Harj Thiara (Client Feature Series)

“Heartbreak is the breakthrough to a new lifeline—one that opens the doors to a powerful self-discovery. In this episode, I’m joined by my long-time former client, life coach, and heartbreak expert, Harj Thiara. She’s here to offer you 4 steps to navigate from heartbreak to an empowering journey to uncover the real you. You’ll learn […]

Purpose, Impact, and Judgements with Rose Kirby

Have you ever felt as though your purpose isn’t good enough? Or that the impact you’re creating isn’t big enough? Join me and my client, Rose Kirby, as we discuss the judgements surrounding purpose and impact. In this episode, you’ll learn the difference between macro and micro impact and why neither is better than the […]

Quick and Easy Way to Create Your 2019 Plan

It’s December already? If you’re not already clear on your 2019 goals or if you want to simplify the strategic plans you already have in place, we’re here to help! We’ve done a lot of market research on this topic and in today’s episode, we are going to report the most succinct action plans we’ve […]

How to Get Started with Laura Symons (Client Feature Series)

This one goes out to anyone who has a vision that they have yet to take action on. In this episode, you’ll hear from my former client and founder of Elevated Creatives, Laura Symons. She’ll share tips on getting started, advice to help you get out of your own way, and a guaranteed way to […]

Aligning Your Business with Purpose Anna Liljenwall (Client Feature Series)

Purpose-driven leaders always create what we most needed in our lives, and my client Anna Liljenwall is no different. In this episode, you’ll learn the importance of integration, as well as 3 questions to ask yourself that will help you create products, services and offers that are 100% aligned with your purpose. Anna is a […]

The Unstoppables with Dan “Nitro” Clark

Dan “Nitro” Clark is an accomplished athlete, fitness expert, television personality and author. After surviving a heart attack in 2013, Dan received what he calls a second chance. Now, he dedicated his life to helping others find their inner Gladiator and live a healthier, happier, more fit life. You don’t want to miss this inspiring, […]

Leaning Into Your Fear with Daniel Quintana (Client Feature Series)

How do you share your message when you have a fear of being in the spotlight? The answer: lean in. In this episode, I chat with my client, Daniel Quintana about his evolution into thought leadership. Our conversation will teach you the importance of viewing your competition as inspiration, the exact steps to create a […]

Leadership as a Way of Being with Sarah Reynoso (Client Feature Series)

What does it mean to be a true leader? My former client, Sarah Reynoso offers a different and refreshing perspective on leadership. In this episode, you’ll learn how leadership is truly a way of ‘being’, why it’s important to shift from a victim of circumstance to power of responsibility, and the power of sharing your […]

57: Now What? with Carrie Farrington (Client Feature Series)

How can you turn your giveback project into a purpose-driven career? Join me and my former client, Carrie Farrington for a fun conversation on purpose. In this episode, you’ll learn tangible steps to help you find your present purpose as well as tips to help you pivot when things no longer feel aligned. Carrie is […]

56: Personal Healing for Professional Growth with Nicole Santiago (Client Feature Series)

If you want to improve your professional life, you’ve got to prioritize healing your personal wounds. Join me and my former client, Nicole Santiago, for a candid conversation about her story of personal transformation. In this episode, you’ll become aware of your “secret shames” and how they’re holding you back, you’ll understand the value of […]