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Video Content Creation Hacks with David Vance

Digital presence is the only way you exist online. And today’s guest, David Vance, is an expert in helping you amplify that presence. In this episode, you’ll learn a super simple tactic for creating video content that will help you create a loyal and raving fanbase, plus other video creation hacks that will help you […]

My Top Insights From 2018

Want to hear my top major insights from 2018? Tune in! This episode kicks off “Thursday’s Thoughts” — a second weekly podcast episode featuring ME! Moving forward, Mondays will be conversations and Thursdays will be my solo episodes where I share quickie tips and personal stories to help you embrace your own personal and professional […]

Rules of the Game

One of the biggest challenges that any of us face in business is making sure that we have enough time to focus on the priorities to get the job done correctly and achieve the goals we want to achieve. In this episode, I go through a coaching session I had that addresses this problem. I […]

Doing the Opposite of What Business Gurus Tell You to Do with Steven Sashen

If you want to experience real success, you’ve got to do the opposite of what the business “gurus” and experts are telling you to do. In this episode, I’m joined by serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Xero Shoes, Steven Sashen. Tune in and learn why business tactics used yesterday won’t necessarily work today, why providing […]


An affirmation is using the phrase “I am” and filling in the blank to create a level of success. In this episode, I walk through why most affirmations don’t work and how you can choose the affirmations that will work best for you and reflect what you really want.

Mastering Sales with Jim Padilla

Mastering the sales conversation is not about strategy — it’s about speaking the truth. In this episode, I chat with the founder of Gain The Edge, Jim Padilla, who is also known as the go-to guy for all things sales. You’ll learn why purpose yields profit, why managing sales objectives doesn’t even matter, and Jim’s […]

Resetting Your Goals

Today, let’s look at the full picture in the balance of your life. Resetting your purpose and goals outside of your business will get you to your most effective self.

Pivoting Your Purpose with Amanda Biccum

This one goes out to anyone who’s feeling the desire to shift or pivot your business… In this episode, Holistic Health Coach + Mindset Mentor Amanda Biccum shares how she pivoted her business from working with women, to solely working with men. You’ll learn why it can be more profitable to pivot, how the act […]

Bullshit Excuses, Mindset, and NYE

If you’re waiting for the new year to commit to something, you’ll be waiting forever. In this special NYE episode, I talk about your bullshit excuses, mindset, and what it really takes to create change. I also offer my top 4 questions to ask yourself to create an empowered new year experience. Today’s episode is […]

Our Best Year End Ritual

As 2018 comes to a close, we’d like to encourage you to take the time to sit down and reflect on all the great things that happened this year, relive your best experiences, and acknowledge yourself. It’s easy to harp on what wasn’t so great and what you need to improve on as you’re planning […]