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Make A Statement With Your Customer

Fashion, Fall, Football, does it get any better? One of the most common questions I’m asked is how to stand out in the sea of noise online? I get it! You want your customers to take notice of your amazing products and services. You need a way to show that you’re the person or business […]

Millennials in the Workforce with Guest Lindsay Boccardo

In this episode, Lisa Mitchell brings on special guest, Lindsay Boccardo. Lindsay coaches millennials on how to build a career that they are actually passionate about. The two discuss millennials in the modern workforce.

4 Steps to A Successful Personal Pivot with Kara Kavensky

Throughout your career and life, you will find yourself needing to make a few personal pivots to stay in alignment with your joy. Even when you think you have it all figured out, misalignments happen and you can either stay in it and be unfulfilled, or you can take action to make the needed changes. […]

Working While Female with Michelle De Long

Being a woman in any male dominated industry can be a challenge, but being a women working in the entertainment and media production industry comes with it’s own set of unique circumstances. When the motto is “protect the talent,” women who are victims of sexual harassment and workplace assaults can find themselves unheard and unsupported […]