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Don’t Procrastinate

This week Josh talks about how procrastination can hold you back. A lot of people waste time thinking that there will be a “perfect time” to act. In fact, procrastinating and not thinking ahead will often cost you in the long run. So make the perfect time yourself.

Part 7 of 7 Hidden Motivators: Power

Join us for the final episode, part 7 of a 7 part series, exploring your core motivators. Would you rather lead and control or support and collaborate?

92: Depression, Anxiety, and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is fucking tough and, for many, it triggers depression and anxiety. It’s an incredibly personal journey where your identity can become attached to your business… and this is problematic. In this edition of “Thursday’s Thought,” you’ll learn the four reasons why entrepreneurs are more susceptible to experiencing depression and anxiety, and what you can […]

85: The Unsexy Side of Leadership with Alexi Panos

What does it really take to be a thought leader today? Join me and Alexi Panos for a deep dive conversation about the unsexy side of leadership that no one wants to hear. This isn’t just about “influencership” or going viral or having a mass following—this is about being a true leader from the inside-out. […]

Why You Should Set Yourself Up to Fail

We often don’t allow ourselves to fail as much as we should. Failure during a safe environment is what makes it possible to go out and succeed in the real world. Today we discuss how to deal with the fear of failure and ways to best embrace your failures, in turn enhancing your successes.

How to Get Noticed Online

Are you frustrated with the fact that you’re not getting noticed online? I feel you! In the social media world where we have billions of people fighting to be seen and heard, it is tough to stand out. But there is a way… Join me for this edition of Thursday’s Thought where I share the […]

Are Your Rockstar Employees Slipping Away

Are you at risk of losing your rockstar employees? 51% of the American workforce is actively seeking new employment. First, we define what a rockstar employee is so you can identify them within your company. Then we discuss ways to keep your best employees with you.

Creativity, Risk, and Passion Are Not Requirements for Entrepreneurship with Jim Beach

Entrepreneurship is NOT about creativity, risk, or passion. This is what today’s guest, Jim Beach, believes and preaches. In this episode, you’ll learn why creativity, risk and passion are not requirements for starting your own business. In fact, creativity, risk and passion are simply myths of inactivity that keep you stuck exactly where you are. […]

Skill? Or Will?

It’s not about skill — it’s about will. Most people believe that mastering their skill will lead them to success… and that’s not the case. This isn’t just about skill — this is about will. Having the will to show up, having the will to bounce back after failure, having the will to do what’s […]

The Benefits of Getting Yourself Into Conscious Thought and Why We Don’t do it More Often

You may think you’re thinking, but you need to actively, proactively, and intentionally think. Our limiting beliefs are within our conscious mind. Today we’ll discuss how to get into your conscious thought to overcome your limiting beliefs and reach your goals.