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Social Media Mega Influencer Nicole Arbour Tells Her Truth

In this episode of The Lisa Mitchell Show, Lisa has a candid interview with the controversial queen of social media, Nicole Arbour. They tackle all things social influence, showing up in any room with confidence, and handling haters and controversy. She shares the real story about her appearance on The View that was nothing more […]

13: Failing Forward: Bill Wooditch

Mega successful entrepreneur, author and speaker, Bill Wooditch joins Luke Nesler on the podcast to talk about failure and how all great entrepreneurs have failed their way to success in business.

What’s your one thing?

Morning Juice! Daily Business Tips & Inspiration with Julie Gordon White Julie Gordon White, an award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author, has advised hundreds of business owners as the founder & CEO of BlueKey Mergers & Acquisitions and The WELL for Women Entrepreneurs, teaching women how to crack the code of growing to a million and […]

The Unstoppables: Turning Thinkers into Believers and Believers into Thinkers with Dr. Khaldoun Sweis

Dr. Khaldoun Sweis was born in Amman, Jordan but now resides in the United States, in Chicago Illinois. Khaldoun has an AA degree from Moraine Valley Community College , USA, a BA degree from the Eastern Illinois University , USA, in Philosophy, an MA degree from Trinity International University USA, in Christian Thought with an […]

If Talking About The Problem… Is The Problem, You Won’t Solve It!

Here are 3 steps to improving communication in your practice! 1. Create a time to communicate Set aside a time each week to get with your team and communicate at a very high level. 2. Who is going to be responsible for what? When you go to your first meeting, communicate in terms of who’s […]