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The Real Reason Small Businesses Fail

50 percent of all small businesses will fail within the first five years and 82 percent of small businesses experience major cash flow problems! Entrepreneurship is hard and it can be very lonely at times. Controlling your mindset is key to being able to achieve your goals. If you follow the principles and strategies of […]

Broken Heart Syndrome

In this episode, host Lisa Mitchell shares her recent executive coaching experience that uncovered the phenomenon of “Broke Heart Syndrome”. Lisa learned that this is a very real medical condition that occurs when a heart is being prepared for organ donation, but it also has a strong correlation metaphorically to what our hearts experience during […]

Pain to Power with guest Natasha Lindor of Succeed With Soul: Part 2

In Part 2 of my discussion on the topic of turning your pain into your power, I’m interviewed by life coach Natasha Lindor of Succeed with Soul as we share more of our stories of trauma and how we’ve transformed those painful experiences into tools of success in our professional pursuits. I share how it […]

Balancing Jobs within the Job with Alex Anderson

In this week’s installment of the Corporate Culture Cleaner we’ll be discussing how to balance small business or startup growth with special guest and friend, Alex Anderson. He joins us from the startup world of learning to deal with growing pains and how to take on multiple roles at once when expanding your business.