Motivation/Inspiration149 Videos

The Unstoppables: “Life Is Too Short to Hate Your Job” with Baily Hancock

Baily Hancock firmly believes that if more people were happy in their jobs, the world would be a much better place. She travels the world preaching the gospel of attaining career satisfaction to anyone who needs it (hint – it’s everyone.)

The Unstoppables: From Zero to Wealth with Omar Periu

From Zero to Wealth™ Omar Periu is making millionaires, so…are you ready to become one? Learn how to create millions, get clear about exactly what it is you want out of life, discover what’s preventing you from getting there, and put a plan together to make your most ambitious dreams and aspirations come true.

The Unstoppables: Fostering Diversity and Organizational Harmony with Dr. Dionne Poulton

ARE YOU A BUSINESS OWNER OR LEADER… …Who has established your diversity policies, but you still continue to have conflict? …Who wants to establish diversity protocols, and has a vision for your workplace, but don’t know where to begin? …Who, put simply, is just uncomfortable with the whole idea of addressing issues of diversity? If […]

Real Time Coaching: How to make your presentation unforgettable

In this episode of The People Reader show, the tables are turned as Lisa gets coached in real time by Neal Phalora. He helps her craft an impactful, heart-felt, and action-inducing speech for an upcoming event that she’s speaking at. Learn how vulnerability, emotionality, and letting the audience draw their own conclusions can take a […]

ETW02: Albert Montegrano – Teambuilding and Leadership

Today we’ll talk to retired Lieutenant Colonel Al Montegrano about some of the most important leadership lessons he’s learned over the years and during his time in the Army. He’ll talk about some of his greatest mentors and what he learned from them, and how these lessons can be useful to leaders of all types.

The Unstoppables: The Unapologetic Confidence of Torrie Wilson, Former WWE Diva and Fitness Expert

“It’s how we come out of tough times that really defines who we are and gives us strength.” Fitness Expert and former WWE Diva, Torrie Wilson, joins Bill Wooditch to share her story of resilience, unapologetic confidence, and success!

The Unstoppables: Elevate the Ordinary | Achieve Your Extraordinary with Kyle Brost

Kyle, like many of us, has had a winding path to where he is today. The things he’s learned along the way have helped form and develop his unique coaching methodology.

The Unstoppables: “Beyond the Locker Room” with Leonard Wheeler

Leonard Wheeler transitioned from NFL Safety to CEO, and now runs a successful enterprise. He’s the author of “Beyond the Locker Room” – and today, we’re going beyond the locker room AND the boardroom and getting granular with the idea of being “unstoppable.”

ETW01: Chad O’Connor – Nutrition for Busy People

In this episode, we’ll be talking to Chad O’Connor, the Founder, Owner, and President of Fresh Fit Foods, Southwest Florida’s premiere company for nutritious, delicious and convenient prepared meals. He’ll talk about his journey to starting Fresh Fit Foods, and the steps he had to take to become a successful small-business entrepreneur. We will also […]