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The Unstoppables: Mark G. Astor – Drug And Alcohol Attorneys

Mark G. Astor has been an attorney since 1994, and has handled thousands of cases ranging from first-degree misdemeanors to Capital Murder. When Mr. Astor is not kicking ass in the courtroom he’s kicking ass in the dojo, he’s a second degree black belt in Krav Maga (the Israeli system of hand to hand combat) […]

12: Developing Great Leadership Skills: John Ebert

John Ebert is one of the most successful McDonalds franchise owners in history. After starting with one store, John has grown his empire to over 40 stores. He joins Luke on the Attention Equals Dollars to talk about marketing, leadership and developing a stellar team.

24: Give the Gift of Freedom to Your Children with Sierra and Bailey Bailey

This episode is a part two after the overwhelming response to last week’s episode! Sierra and Bailey join the Evolve to Win show to share their perspective of their parent’s financial freedom program.

32: Conversation w/Lori Harder

“In a world that is more connected than ever, it can actually feel tougher to create real friendships. And yet this is something that everyone is seeking, especially women. Join me and Lori Harder (author of “Tribe Called Bliss”) as we jam on friendships, tribe-building, and the shit that holds you back from diving deep […]

The Journey to Personal Discovery – Millennial Edition

Are you struggling to find a job? Can’t find something you like to do?  You are in a crowd of millennials  that are all trying  to figure it out.  Join Doug Atteberry, a Millennial just like you who was willing to sit down and talk frankly about the struggle.  You’ll love the suggestions and we’ll talk […]

Interview with with Club Med’s CEO Xavier Mufraggi

Xavier Mufraggi, CEO of Club Med has an amazing business model that has an overwhelmingly positive impact on his staff and the consumers. His diverse, international, and bilingual staff makes for quite the experience! Stay tuned to hear how he does it.

11: The Inspiring Success Story of Mark Carter

Mark Carter of Carter Sports Marketing joins Luke Nesler to talk about leaving your day job and starting a business. Mark worked for brands like NBC Sports Network and Simple Green before taking the leap to start his own company. Hear his story and how he created a successful company of his own.

Leaders: Give the Gift of Freedom to Your Children with Lynette Bailey

If you have children, today’s message is for you. Our guest, Lynette Bailey, is here to share her story of how she prepared her daughters for financial freedom and how she adjusted her budget for her children.

31: Conversation w/Nathaniel Solace

“Who you think you are plays a massive influence on your choices and decision-making. So if you want to achieve your vision, you’ve got to redefine yourself to BE the person who achieves your vision. Join me and Nathaniel Solace for an incredibly insightful conversation on identities. In the episode, Nathaniel and I jam on […]

The Big Sell: Being a Sales Hustler with Shawn Hays

Shawn ‘s beliefs align so well with mine and today we’re bringing you so much value – you don’t want to miss this episode. Shawn Hays is Your Car Guy, he’s a sales hustler, and he is here to change the game.