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Leadership from the Front Line

How one employee took me from meltdown to gratitude and the amazing story that followed. #BeLikeWilliam In this episode, I share how a front line employee went over and above expectations to take control and deliver an extraordinary customer experience. The company culture of Hertz empowered William to make that executive decision and should be […]

49: Why Pivoting is Crucial for Business with Iman Oubou

“If you’re too stubborn with your vision, you will kill your business. In this episode of LovePunch, I chat about building a business with Iman Oubou—a self-made entrepreneur, former beauty queen, and published scientist on a mission to change the women’s media landscape. Iman shares what REALLY happens behind the scenes of a startup business. […]

Rocket to the Moon – Part 5: KNOW HOW

Its what you know but also how you apply it that will help you become a success and if you so choose, a MILLIONAIRE. My goals to help you grow both personally and professionally and attain success at the highest levels. Please join our NEW – PRIVATE group –… Stay tuned as well for […]

What If Being Good Enough Is Good Enough with Jessica Pettitt

For those of you who have ever struggled with the feeling of not being good enough for your high expectations and perfectionistic tendencies, this episode is for you. Setting unrealistic goals and failing to foster an environment where employees are trying to try stunts growth and creativity. Join us as we discuss the importance of […]

48: Navigating Entrepreneurship as an Empath with Devani Freeman

What’s it like to navigate through entrepreneurship as an empath? Join me and the founder of Heart Centered Social, Devani Freeman as she talks about her journey of discovering her empathic gifts. In this episode, Devani shares how she reinvented her business to honor her energy, and how she continues to build her empire through […]

Rocket to the Moon – Part 4: NETWORKS

Your network determines your net worth.. I’m going to teach you to meet anyone you want to! We must DAILY: * Meet someone new * GO deeper within our current relationships * Provide value to others. It is key to be a person who is not only connected but connects! Please join our NEW – […]

Don’t Settle

If you want to be better, stop settling! If we settle for less than what we can do or what we deserve it’s what we’ll get. This episode is all about why you need to stop settling so you can stop leaving money on the table.

Why Time Blocking Doesn’t Work

Time blocking is about taking the time to sit down and prioritize. If you’re doing time blocking correctly, you should have time on your calendar every single day to plan your day. Time blocking is probably one of the single most recognized tools, yet it doesn’t work unless you’re using it correctly. In this episode, […]

47: Finding Your Voice

If you’re on a journey to “find your voice”, this episode is for you. First and foremost, this isn’t about “finding” your voice—this is about uncovering your voice. This is about rediscovering what makes you unique so you can stand out online AND offline. In this episode, I share my 3 steps to uncovering your […]