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The Unstoppables: “On the Dot” with Melinda Garvey

The launch of the OnTheDot newsletter in April 2016 was not Melinda’s first foray into the publishing world. Nearly 16 years ago, she gave birth to her first child, Austin Woman Magazine, then six years later to her human child, Beckom. Now it’s back to diapers and sleepless nights with her new baby… OnTheDot. Melinda […]

The Unstoppables: “Helping Businesses Start, Nail and Scale” with KC Kelly

KC Kelly was the CEO and Founder of iQue Repair, which generated over $20M in sales. KC sold his company, and now helps startup businesses and their leaders to achieve MASSIVE success. His program “The 7 Pillars of Business” transforms ideas into thriving companies and employees into leaders. KC knows how to use fear as […]

How To Deal With Sexism, Racism, and More with Dr. Dionne Poulton

How To Deal With Sexism, Racism, and More Is it really “racist”? Diversity expert Dr. Dionne Poulton drops by the show to talk about how to deal with the ugly in this world, sexism, gender bias, racism and more. MUST watch for all humans

Useful, Valuable, Enjoyable Brands with Bruce Turkel

Whether helping clients, keeping audiences riveted, writing another compelling blog post or giving useful branding advice on a national news program, Bruce Turkel lives and breathes this philosophy. His agency, Turkel Brands, has created remarkably effective campaigns for leading brands such as American Express, Bacardi and Discovery Networks. Bruce Turkel is a master at making […]

The Unstoppables: Create Your Dream Life with Dr. Drema Dial | Part II

Are you ready to transform your life? Dr. Drema Dial is a life coach + psychologist. But more than that, she’s someone who believes in designing your dream lifestyle. It’s the reason she moved to France this summer! She finally achieved the location independent lifestyle she wanted… And you can too.

Freedom Is a Mindset (Not a Number)

Does fear around money keep you from breaking the norm? I’ve got a solution and I’ll give you a hint – making more money is NOT the answer! If you aren’t in control of your finances, money is always going to be a source of tension for you and you’re never going to feel like […]

Business Tips from Top Business Owners: Part 1

Today’s episode is the first of 3 episodes. Nova Wealth Management sponsored City Gala’s charity event out in LA last month and I had the opportunity to interview a bunch of business owners and get the best business tips from the best of the best. Enjoy this first part to the 3-part series featuring The […]

Episode 26: A Little MORE Talk and A Lot MORE Action!

When it comes to communication you need a little MORE talk and a lot MORE action! 1. Focus on the solution To get where you want to be, there needs to be a solution and everyone on the team needs to be working towards that same solution! 2. Have a consequence If a challenge is […]