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23: Big Ideas, NO Focus? Here’s the Fix…

Are you a visionary with BIG ideas but zero focus? Do you struggle with knowing what to execute on next? Trust me… I get it! In this episode, I share why multi-tasking is a myth, and I break down a method that will help you narrow down your projects, gain focus, and execute with power […]

24: Conversation w/Makenna Held

There is no one way to build a successful business, and there is no one way to lead. Makenna Held is a living testament to this theory. She’s an entrepreneurial thought leader who has chosen to carve her own path and create her version of success, her way. Join me and Makenna as she shares […]

3 Days to a Raise: Building the Glass Floor – Discussion on Advancing Women at Work

The report is out:  there are 25% LESS WOMEN CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Are you wondering how many that represents?  We reveal this statistic and more on this exciting show. Bethany interviews Judy Hoberman, President of Selling in a Skirt, and President of Walking on the Glass Floor. Judy is an executive coach and […]

A Rant on Spiritual Shaming

Spiritual shaming is rampant in the personal and spiritual development industries, and it needs to stop. “Leaders” and “Gurus” and “Experts” are shaming people into changing their lives, and it’s doing more damage than good. This episode is a rant on spiritual shaming. Dig this episode? Be sure to drop a 5-star rating + review! […]

Afraid to speak up at work? Learn How to Find Your Voice and Increase Your Influence

Are you afraid to speak up at work? Today we will find out why you may be hesitating and provide you with the tools you need to learn how to find your voice and increase your influence.

App Development in 9 Steps

It doesn’t matter if you’re a project manager or a large corporation, these are the 9 steps that everyone will need to take to develop an app. In this episode, I thoroughly walk you through each step so you can be on the right track to a successful app.