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Continually Nuturing Your Confidence

In this episode Josh Evans discusses the importance of nuturing your confidence and answers submitted questions.

It’s Never Too Late w/ C Rene Washington

No matter where you are in your life or in your career, it’s never too late to chase your passion! Today my special guest is C. Rene Washington and she has a story to tell about changing course just 2 years from retirement eligibility. Find out more about her unique career path.

Speaking Up and Changing Expectations with Annette Sykora

Annette Sykora didn’t wait for opportunities to come to her—she went and found them. That’s how she became a partner at Smith South Plains Ford-Lincoln in Lubbock, Texas, and the first and only chairwoman ever to serve at the head of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) since the organization was founded in 1917. Annette […]

95: Vulnerable Leadership with Jamie Jensen

“You can grieve and still be a badass.” If you’re tired of feeling like you have to show up a certain way for your brand and audience—despite what you may be going through… this episode is definitely for you. Join me and award-winning screenwriter and business strategist, Jamie Jensen, for a deep conversation on grieving, […]

Setting Clear Boundaries

Clear expectations prevent disappointment. If you let people break the rules that you’ve set for them, they will take advantage of you. By taking your boundaries seriously, others will too.

137: A Safe Space Confrontation with Louiza Doran

A safe space is like a shotgun—you get shot, you bleed and the one creating the safe space is there to support you with the bags of blood you need. Too graphic? Not really. Because in this episode, I get real with THE Louiza Doran about what really makes a safe space safe. In this […]

The Unstoppables: Shani Magosky

Shani Magosky is the boss and founder of the “better boss project”. Shani and I talked about the difference between good and bad leadership, how to give feedback and what work culture really is. Don’t miss this episode!

Reason #2 Why You SUCK At Sales! | Growth Prophets #5

Reason #2 is you got into the business that you’re in because you wanted to be in that business. Most people don’t realize that any business that you get into, YOU ARE IN SALES. Here are 3 things to remember: 1 – Realize that YOU are in sales! 2 – Realize that sales is NOT […]