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Continually Nuturing Your Confidence

In this episode Josh Evans discusses the importance of nuturing your confidence and answers submitted questions.

It’s Never Too Late w/ C Rene Washington

No matter where you are in your life or in your career, it’s never too late to chase your passion! Today my special guest is C. Rene Washington and she has a story to tell about changing course just 2 years from retirement eligibility. Find out more about her unique career path.

The Unstoppables: Shani Magosky

Shani Magosky is the boss and founder of the “better boss project”. Shani and I talked about the difference between good and bad leadership, how to give feedback and what work culture really is. Don’t miss this episode!

Women and Success with Charene Goodman

Is it more difficult for women to succeed? Do African American women have a harder time creating a business online that makes money? How can YOU create your own economy? You can tell it’s October because we’re coving the scary stuff that no one else wants to discuss this month We’re getting real with Charene […]

Feel overworked? Listen to our interview with Carolyn Cole, Founder of

This is a MUST LISTEN interview with THE Carolyn Cole, founder of This was a live show on our Facebook page called Finance Friday. It is every Friday at 4pm EST. Ever feel like you dread going to work? Are you always working and thinking about work? Amy and Carolyn breakdown bringing business, finance […]

Body Language in Media with Amber Hankins

Co-host of Indy Style on WISH-TV, Amber Hankins, joins us today on The People Reading Podcast to chat about body language in interviews and the media.

Episode 23: Interview With Elijah Desmond

In this episode, Sean Crabtree interviews Elijah Desmond! Elijah shares some insights on becoming an entrepreneur and his passion for helping people get to where they want to be!