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EPISODE 8: Use Your Energy to Attract New Customers with Tracy Crossley

Need a new customer? Not feeling fulfilled despite outward success? Ever wondered about the energy behind success? Tracy Crossley is our guest today and she’s got answers to how to get more customers simply by using your energy.

The Unstoppables: “On the Dot” with Melinda Garvey

The launch of the OnTheDot newsletter in April 2016 was not Melinda’s first foray into the publishing world. Nearly 16 years ago, she gave birth to her first child, Austin Woman Magazine, then six years later to her human child, Beckom. Now it’s back to diapers and sleepless nights with her new baby… OnTheDot. Melinda […]

Real Time Coaching: How to make your presentation unforgettable

In this episode of The People Reader show, the tables are turned as Lisa gets coached in real time by Neal Phalora. He helps her craft an impactful, heart-felt, and action-inducing speech for an upcoming event that she’s speaking at. Learn how vulnerability, emotionality, and letting the audience draw their own conclusions can take a […]

Fire Benevolently and Directly

There’s nothing worse than dragging a dreaded conversation on unnecessarily. Nobody wants to be fired, and doing the firing is never any fun either. But there are a few things you can do as a Manager or person of power to effectively and efficiently take care of business. 1. Fire Benevolently. No need to beat […]

Continually Nuturing Your Confidence

In this episode Josh Evans discusses the importance of nuturing your confidence and answers submitted questions.

It’s Never Too Late w/ C Rene Washington

No matter where you are in your life or in your career, it’s never too late to chase your passion! Today my special guest is C. Rene Washington and she has a story to tell about changing course just 2 years from retirement eligibility. Find out more about her unique career path.