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80: Knowing When to Let Go in Business

How do you know when it’s time to let go of a service, offer, or product in your business? Join me in this edition of Thursday’s Thoughts as I share my personal experience with letting things go. In this episode, I share why I chose to let go of a 5,000-member Facebook group and why […]

Isn’t It Time You Introduce Your Employees To Each Other?

You and your employees may think you know each other, but do you really know each other? We tend to see other people as we are and not as they are — meaning we filter their actions through our own perceptions of how we think things should be. Seeing other people doing things differently doesn’t mean they […]

There’s no VICTORY in winning the race to the BOTTOM! | Growth Prophets #10

Having the lowest price or giving discount plans is NOT going to make you money. In fact, it’s a race to the BOTTOM! So how do you win the race to the TOP? You have to understand this, Nobody buys ANYTHING based on price, they buy based on VALUE! People don’t want cars, clothes, shoes, […]

Multitasking is FAKE NEWS | Growth Prophets #9

Studies show that multitasking doesn’t exist. It’s FAKE NEWS! “Multitasking”  is really just “task-switching” and causes you to not give each task the proper attention it needs. Break the habit, focus on ONE task at a time. Here’s 3 steps to help you do that: 1- Be intentional      – Before you begin your task, […]

Reason #2 Why You SUCK At Sales! | Growth Prophets #5

Reason #2 is you got into the business that you’re in because you wanted to be in that business. Most people don’t realize that any business that you get into, YOU ARE IN SALES. Here are 3 things to remember: 1 – Realize that YOU are in sales! 2 – Realize that sales is NOT […]

Can’t Find Good People? Benchmark For The Job NOT The Person.

80% of mis-hires come from the recruiting process. Hard costs in hiring mistakes are on average 5x the salary and this doesn’t include time lost, employee morale, and countless other soft costs. In this episode, we explore what your customized hiring process should look like to mitigate the speed bumps and hire the right person the first […]

Afraid to speak up at work? Learn How to Find Your Voice and Increase Your Influence

Are you afraid to speak up at work? Today we will find out why you may be hesitating and provide you with the tools you need to learn how to find your voice and increase your influence.

Tolerance is Tantamount to Endorseme

Tolerance of a behavior is tantamount to the endorsement of that behavior — and this applies to everything. If nobody has stopped the behavior, nobody will think this behavior is wrong. I dive a little deeper into this concept in this episode – stay tuned!