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96: What to Do When Your Message Isn’t Heard

“What do you do when all the shit you’re doing in your biz isn’t working?” THIS is the audience question that I’m answering in this edition of Thursday’s Thought. We’ve all been there—in that space where our business isn’t making money or our messaging is being plagued with crickets. Trust me… I feel you! And […]

95: Vulnerable Leadership with Jamie Jensen

“You can grieve and still be a badass.” If you’re tired of feeling like you have to show up a certain way for your brand and audience—despite what you may be going through… this episode is definitely for you. Join me and award-winning screenwriter and business strategist, Jamie Jensen, for a deep conversation on grieving, […]

94: Bro Marketing is Dying

“You gotta spend money to make money!” Ugh. We’ve ALL heard this before… a classic bro-marketing tactic to scare people into buying. With the conscious collective evolving into a more heart-centered space, bro-marketing is dying. More and more people are feeling disgusted by the bro-marketing style and are craving something that feels more genuine and […]

64: Part 6 of 7 Hidden Motivators: How you value assisting or helping others

Join us for part 6 of a 7 part series exploring your core motivators. Today we discuss the continuum of helping others.Are you Intentional or Altruistic and how does that impact you?

93: The Truth About Astrology with Danielle Paige

If you think astrology is just horoscopes in the newspaper… you’re doing it wrong. Join me and International Soul Astrologer, Danielle Paige for a fun and insightful conversation that uncovers the truth behind astrology. In this episode, you’ll learn why astrology is really a tool to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, why […]

ring The Emotion Back To Business

This week Josh opens up about his personal experiences. Through his struggles, he is learning that human emotions are fluid and that emotion is going to be in your business. It is human to live through these emotions rather ignoring them

Part 5 of 7 Hidden Motivators: Surroundings

Join us for part 5 of a 7 part series exploring your core motivators. Today we focus on aesthetics, also known as your surroundings.Are you more objective or harmonious? Today we’ll give you the tools to find out. 

91: Becoming Unfiltered with Brandon Marshall

“Don’t abandon yourself to appease the masses.” A MAJOR truth bomb from the Spiritual SmartAss himself, Brandon Marshall. In this episode of Today’s Thought Leader, Brandon shows us how to drop the mask and get unfiltered with our audience. Tune in and learn why marketing to your niche is an old school tactic, why being […]

90: Judgment Detoxes Are Bullshit

Judgment detoxes are bullshit. Let’s be real… everyone judges. So why are you judging yourself for having judgments? In this edition of Thursday’s Thought, I break down the truth behind our judgments. Tune in and learn the neurological reasons why we judge, how to reframe your judgments on the spot, and three steps to help […]

Part 4 of 7 Hidden Motivators: Utility

Join us for part 4 of a 7 part series exploring your core motivators. Today we focus on Utility. The two ends of the utility spectrum are resourceful and selfless. This one is important to dive a little deeper into how you feel. We want you to think about how we describe utility and what […]