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Real Time Coaching: How to make your presentation unforgettable

In this episode of The People Reader show, the tables are turned as Lisa gets coached in real time by Neal Phalora. He helps her craft an impactful, heart-felt, and action-inducing speech for an upcoming event that she’s speaking at. Learn how vulnerability, emotionality, and letting the audience draw their own conclusions can take a […]

Reflect and Set Goals with Monika Colin

The older you get the more you realize it’s important to do what you love each day. But it can feel difficult to decide what that thing is. Even more scary is when you find that thing and it requires a leap of faith and massive action. Monika Colin took just that action and she’s […]

Women and Success with Charene Goodman

Is it more difficult for women to succeed? Do African American women have a harder time creating a business online that makes money? How can YOU create your own economy? You can tell it’s October because we’re coving the scary stuff that no one else wants to discuss this month We’re getting real with Charene […]

Episode 13: Kendrick Shope Podcast interview

Kendrick talks with Sean about how she teaches her clients to sell in a way that feels authentic. Running a business & changing people’s lives are not exclusive, you can do both at the same time. You’ve got to get sold on what you’re selling

John Nadeau W/Sleep Group Solutions

I’m happy to have John Nadeau with me today. John is the VP of Sleep Group Solutions. Join us as we discuss sleep and your dental practice. You will learn how to get involved in sleep 1. Jump in! Look for the obvious signs. ie; reflux, morning headaches, etc 2. Take neck measurements 3. He […]

The UNSTOPPABLES – How do you invest your time?

Turn off the vapid television shows, and invest your time in learning. Next to good ole fashion EXPERIENCE, books can be your best teacher.

What would you do with six months left to live?

Find a unique blend of hope and inspiration with Along Comes Hope founder Jenny Mulks Wieneke. Faced with a terminal diagnosis as a single mother of a four-year-old, hear her story of her cancer fight and the development of a nonprofit to help children with cancer everywhere. Youll be inspired, motivated, and hope filled.