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114: Comparison is Killing Your Leadership

When you let your eyes wander, you wonder—you start to doubt yourself, your capabilities, what you’re here to do and who you’re here to be. Your habit of comparison is killing your leadership, and it needs to stop. In this episode, you’ll learn the real reason why you struggle in finding your voice, how comparison […]

73: Faking It Is Positively Exhausting

While we always talk about important it is to keep a positive attitude on a daily basis, sometimes it’s easier said than done — something negative happens to us, or we find ourselves around negative people, and suddenly maintaining our happy demeanor can seem like a real chore. So in this episode, we’re discussing our […]

112: How I Got Featured, Launched a Podcast, and Spoke on Stages Around the World

The only reason you have yet to write that book, launch your podcast, or speak on stages around the world is because you’ve chosen not to. In this edition of Thursday’s Thought, I share my personal journey of how I got featured in multiple platforms and podcasts within, hosted workshops in multiple cities, produced my […]

Setting Clear Boundaries

Clear expectations prevent disappointment. If you let people break the rules that you’ve set for them, they will take advantage of you. By taking your boundaries seriously, others will too.

111: Demystifying Purpose and Dharma with Kitty Waters

Your purpose isn’t meant to be found — it’s meant to be unveiled. Join me and transformational teacher and serial entrepreneur Kitty Waters for a conversation that busts through the myths about purpose. In this episode, you’ll learn the difference between purpose and dharma, why your excitement is truly a compass, and why uncovering your […]

110: Killing Your Habit of Playing Small

Playing small doesn’t equate to leadership. If you’re here to lead, you’re here to play big. Tune into this edition of Thursday’s Thought where I dive into your habit of playing small. In this episode, you’ll learn the two reasons why we play small, why playing small is a habit, and four steps to kill […]

109: Unity in Duality with Dr. Brett Jones

In a world where both shadow and light exist, why do we fear the darkness? Why are we so quick to create segregation and separation? Join me and visionary, shaman and entrepreneur Dr. Brett Jones for a conversation that goes deep beyond the parameters of what you think you know to be true of our […]

71: How your SOFT skills will make your HARD skills more valuable

First, we explain what exactly soft skills and hard skills are and the distinction between the two. We chat about how the two work together and how you can give a stronger value to your hard skills by developing your soft skills.

108: Being vs. Doing

In a society that encourages “doing,” it’s become crucial to our happiness that we shift the focus to “BEING.” In this edition of Thursday’s Thought, I share one of my cornerstone coaching concepts that will help you achieve what you desire in an accelerated timeline. Tune in and learn how your habit of “doing” is […]