Finance120 Videos

“The Bill Wooditch Show” with Peter Dunn

We’re in the midst of a retirement crisis. Peter Dunn (Pete the Planner) is on a mission to help YOU understand the only difference between being a victim of the retirement crisis and coming out on the other side of it is the effort you put in TODAY. You don’t want to miss this!

05: Brad Lea Drops Bombs on What To Do When You Get Someone’s Attention

When you get your customers attention on social media or even offline, you better know what to do and what to day. Brad Lea of Lightspeed VT stops but the Attention Equals Dollars podcast to give you some power tips on networking, sales and how he gets attention by doing things differently.

08: Your Brand Needs An App: Jeremy Callahan

Every brand needs an app that can increase revenue, save time and help you and your business get more attention. Jeremy Callahan of “To App or Not to App” joined me on the podcast and dropped some knowledge on how you can use an app as a marketing, sales and branding tool.

10: Tips for Developing a Winning Mindset: Bhrett McCabe

Bhrett McCabe works with the worlds top athletes in the NFL, NHL and PGA. He joins me on the Attention Equals Dollars Podcast to talk about how entrepreneurs can develop a winning mindset and shares a few tips that will help you reach your goals in business and sales.

11: The Inspiring Success Story of Mark Carter

Mark Carter of Carter Sports Marketing joins Luke Nesler to talk about leaving your day job and starting a business. Mark worked for brands like NBC Sports Network and Simple Green before taking the leap to start his own company. Hear his story and how he created a successful company of his own.

12: Developing Great Leadership Skills: John Ebert

John Ebert is one of the most successful McDonalds franchise owners in history. After starting with one store, John has grown his empire to over 40 stores. He joins Luke on the Attention Equals Dollars to talk about marketing, leadership and developing a stellar team.

13: Failing Forward: Bill Wooditch

Mega successful entrepreneur, author and speaker, Bill Wooditch joins Luke Nesler on the podcast to talk about failure and how all great entrepreneurs have failed their way to success in business.

24: Give the Gift of Freedom to Your Children with Sierra and Bailey Bailey

This episode is a part two after the overwhelming response to last week’s episode! Sierra and Bailey join the Evolve to Win show to share their perspective of their parent’s financial freedom program.