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The Money Therapist

Do you know where your money is? ® Bethany Interviews Holly Signorelli, CPA, known as The Money Therapist to discuss the top 9 emotions that you have whether you make $20,000 or $1,000,000 or more. This show explores why emotions are causing you to make silly money mistakes that are causing you stress and creating […]

Protecting Gains

Disclosure: This video is being presented for general information purposes only and is not intended to be personalized financial advice, or tax or legal advice. The opinions expressed reflect the judgment of the presenter as of the date of publication and are subject to change. A reference to any product or service is for illustrative […]

05: Brad Lea Drops Bombs on What To Do When You Get Someone’s Attention

When you get your customers attention on social media or even offline, you better know what to do and what to day. Brad Lea of Lightspeed VT stops but the Attention Equals Dollars podcast to give you some power tips on networking, sales and how he gets attention by doing things differently.

Back to Her Roots

Bethany Williams opens up about the pain and struggles she’s lived through and will let each of you ‘in’ to the private world of who she is, where she grew up, and how she thinks. You’ll hear her passionately share the secrets she’s learned of what it means to be happy and successful in life. […]

24: Give the Gift of Freedom to Your Children with Sierra and Bailey Bailey

This episode is a part two after the overwhelming response to last week’s episode! Sierra and Bailey join the Evolve to Win show to share their perspective of their parent’s financial freedom program.

How to Negotiate Confidently

You are always negotiating. Whether it’s a salary increase, a new opportunity, or even with your family, how you show up in those negotiations will have a huge impact on whether you get a favorable outcome or not. On this episode, Lisa talks with Negotiations Expert Melissa Hereford to give you immediately actionable steps to […]