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Financial Literacy & Financial Freedom with Sharon Lechter

I admire today’s guest so much and I can’t wait for you to listen to this one. Sharon Lechter is an entrepreneur, international speaker, author, and a licensed CPA. She is the Founder & CEO of Pay Your Family First, a financial education organization. She is regarded as a global expert on financial literacy. I […]

Interview with Glenn Lundy

Today we talk to the host of the Rise and Grind Podcast and General Manager to the 2nd largest Auto Dealership in the United States, Glenn Lundy. Glenn shares his story of overcoming all the challenges that he faced to get to become the entrepreneur he is today!

Interview With Daniel Alonzo

This week we talk to media personality, podcaster, speaker, and author, Daniel Alonzo. Daniel tells us his story about becoming financially independent at an early age of 28 and discusses how YOU can earn massive passive income!

Interview with Steve Nudelberg

Today’s powerhouse guest is sales trainer and sales do-er, Steve Nudelberg. He’s an expert sales trainer, consultant, keynote speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur. His core philosophy is to ignite individuals and their teams by enhancing their awareness about small yet powerful changes they can make to instantly sharpen their performance.

Human Potential and Leadership with Shannon Graham

It’s time to shift the paradigm and take your focus inwards because your leadership is only as strong as your internal expansion. In this episode, I jam with one of today’s top masters of leadership and peak performance, Shannon Graham about human potential, leadership in today’s era, and the importance of owning our worth so […]

The Unstoppables with Jonathan Frost : Build trust with your clients

Jonathan Frost leads and manages his accounting firm’s daily operations as managing partner. His accessibility and proactive style, allow him and his staff to provide a solution-centered firm. He has a proven ability to develop strategic relationships outside of accounting, which can assist current and prospective clients with financing, insurance, and wealth management, plus be […]

13: Failing Forward: Bill Wooditch

Mega successful entrepreneur, author and speaker, Bill Wooditch joins Luke Nesler on the podcast to talk about failure and how all great entrepreneurs have failed their way to success in business.

12: Developing Great Leadership Skills: John Ebert

John Ebert is one of the most successful McDonalds franchise owners in history. After starting with one store, John has grown his empire to over 40 stores. He joins Luke on the Attention Equals Dollars to talk about marketing, leadership and developing a stellar team.

24: Give the Gift of Freedom to Your Children with Sierra and Bailey Bailey

This episode is a part two after the overwhelming response to last week’s episode! Sierra and Bailey join the Evolve to Win show to share their perspective of their parent’s financial freedom program.

11: The Inspiring Success Story of Mark Carter

Mark Carter of Carter Sports Marketing joins Luke Nesler to talk about leaving your day job and starting a business. Mark worked for brands like NBC Sports Network and Simple Green before taking the leap to start his own company. Hear his story and how he created a successful company of his own.