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The Unstoppables: “Growing BOLD” with Brian Cristiano

At 17 years old, Brian Cristiano sold his first video and made $40k from the deal. He’s been a natural entrepreneur from the start, despite coming from a risk-adverse, middle-class family. They pushed for a college education and stable job, but Brian’s instincts to chase his dreams pushed back. Brian doesn’t hesitate or wait for […]

Business Tips from Top Business Owners: Part 1

Today’s episode is the first of 3 episodes. Nova Wealth Management sponsored City Gala’s charity event out in LA last month and I had the opportunity to interview a bunch of business owners and get the best business tips from the best of the best. Enjoy this first part to the 3-part series featuring The […]

How to Steer Clear of Fraud with David Lisko

Today I’m digging deep into the dangers of fraud. How do you know if you’re being defrauded and what can you do about it? Commercial litigation attorney, David Lisko and I uncover all the red flags, ways to look out for scams and how to build trusting, responsible business relationships to keep your money safe!

The Unstoppables: “Rise and Grind” with Glenn Lundy

Depression. Self-esteem issues. Anger. Loneliness. Glenn believe these problems can be solved by doing two things. 1. Offering hope for tomorrow. 2. Changing the way people start their day. #Riseandgrind stemmed from an elite group of people who have decided to take control of their lives back. Negativity is no longer allowed. Days begin with […]

Money Series Part 5

This episode is the 5th and final segment in the Money Series. Today Dr. Drema teaches you how to take control of the way you feel.

Money Series Part 3

The power of your focus — when you focus on what you don’t have, all you notice is what you don’t have. In part 3, Dr. Drema teaches you how to change your focus.

How to Negotiate Confidently

You are always negotiating. Whether it’s a salary increase, a new opportunity, or even with your family, how you show up in those negotiations will have a huge impact on whether you get a favorable outcome or not. On this episode, Lisa talks with Negotiations Expert Melissa Hereford to give you immediately actionable steps to […]

Ep 19 Milk Your Own Cows!

The #1 overlooked biggest money maker is engaging your patients. If you have a huge patient base, but you’re only seeing a fraction of those patients, you need to engage your patients! In this episode we talk about three steps to engaging your patients and milking you own cows! 1. Determine Your Goal Determining your […]

Money Series Part 2

In part 2, Dr. Drema discusses awareness and how to bring this into a space where you are financially secure.