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3 Investment Tips to Plan Your Retirement

In this episode of The Nova Wealth Show, we’re talking about the big picture in investing. Join us to hear our 3 tweaks you can make in your investment plans to help plan for your retirement. 

Assigning Tasks vs. Delegating Authority (How to create empowered team members)

If you assign tasks you become a micro manager and your team will respond only when you tell them what to do or when you are watching them. Successful leaders understand that their job is to create a culture for everyone on the team to take ownership and authority over their areas of responsibility. Create […]

Investing of yourself VS Pushing your expectations down onto your Team

In this show we discuss the differences in investing of yourself vs. creating expectations of your team. We discus examples of being willing to do what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and what leading by example looks like in a dental business. Being willing to do whatever it takes versus expecting your team […]

Creating A Solid Team Moving in The Same Direction

Creating A Solid Team Moving in The Same Direction Sep 27, 2017 In business creating a vision for the team is a major challenge. Too many times, in dentistry, we overlook the value of having everyone on the same page and pursuing the same thing. In this podcast we discuss how to have your team […]