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You Didn’t Fail, You LEARNED | Growth Prophets #8

Failures aren’t failures, they’re OPPORTUNITIES! Just because you didn’t hit a goal, it doesn’t mean you failed, it means you’ve learned and there is still opportunity to reach that goal! Ask yourself these questions: 1- Perfection doesn’t exist. 2- What did you learn? 3- Ask yourself, “What is the action step to implement moving forward […]

Finances with Hope: Stocks

Today Hope shares with us different types of stocks you can invest in and the importance of knowing the risks!

Do You Want to Cut EXPENSES, or Do You Want To INCREASE INCOME? | Growth Prophets #6

Don’t step over dollars to pick up pennies! Cutting expenses will NOT make you money. Here are 3 STEPS to forgetting EXPENSES and start thinking MONEY! 1- Get your mind right, YOU ARE IN SALES! 2- Learn to sell, learn to create value. 3- Learn to talk money   #ExpensesvsMakingMoney #MakeMoreMoney #GrowthProphets Get access to […]

Who Is BUSY?

#FinanceFriday Who is BUSY? We try and balance family AND work life, but LIFE still throws us off track! Who’s life is so crazy that we don’t have time to plan for this weekend let alone finances! Then, adding in a Blended Family means you now have to plan around at least TWO family schedules […]

Interview with Laura DalSanto of Bella Diva Fitness

#FinanceFriday Finances give you stress? According to WebMD, 5 out of 6 of the leading causes of death are related to stress! How can you reduce it and win that battle? Today, I brought in the expert, Laura DalSanto with Bella Diva Fitness to discuss how #Finances and #Fitness go together!

Interview with Ryan Wilson

#FinanceFriday Time for some motivation on money! Today, we talk about risks that are worth taking and how to evaluate when to take on the right #risk. #money

Do You Need a Will or a Trust Part 1

We get questions about wills and trusts all the time so we figured we would share our expertise in a two-part podcast so you can make the most educated decisions for your money and future. In this episode, we discuss the different options you have for a will or a trust and in what situation […]