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The Unstoppables with Charles Rashid

Charles Rashid is a licensed pilot who teaches other entrepreneurs and professionals the sky really is the limit if you have the right plan and the right attitude. Charles overcame multiple obstacles and setbacks to build a huge business empire, and today, he owns and operates multiple businesses in several industries, including hotels and car […]

Leaning Into Your Fear with Daniel Quintana (Client Feature Series)

How do you share your message when you have a fear of being in the spotlight? The answer: lean in. In this episode, I chat with my client, Daniel Quintana about his evolution into thought leadership. Our conversation will teach you the importance of viewing your competition as inspiration, the exact steps to create a […]

Leadership as a Way of Being with Sarah Reynoso (Client Feature Series)

What does it mean to be a true leader? My former client, Sarah Reynoso offers a different and refreshing perspective on leadership. In this episode, you’ll learn how leadership is truly a way of ‘being’, why it’s important to shift from a victim of circumstance to power of responsibility, and the power of sharing your […]

57: Now What? with Carrie Farrington (Client Feature Series)

How can you turn your giveback project into a purpose-driven career? Join me and my former client, Carrie Farrington for a fun conversation on purpose. In this episode, you’ll learn tangible steps to help you find your present purpose as well as tips to help you pivot when things no longer feel aligned. Carrie is […]

56: Personal Healing for Professional Growth with Nicole Santiago (Client Feature Series)

If you want to improve your professional life, you’ve got to prioritize healing your personal wounds. Join me and my former client, Nicole Santiago, for a candid conversation about her story of personal transformation. In this episode, you’ll become aware of your “secret shames” and how they’re holding you back, you’ll understand the value of […]

If you’re not in SOCIAL MEDIA, you’re IRRELEVANT | Interview With Hank Norman | Growth Prophets #7

Today we talk with the Social Media Mogul, Hank Norman! He discusses with us why YOU and YOUR business needs to be on SOCIAL MEDIA, the secrets to gaining an AUDIENCE, and how that will get you HAPPIER CLIENTS, BETTER RESULTS, MAKE MORE MONEY, AND ENJOY THE RIDE!

55: 6 Lessons I Learned in my 1st Year of Podcasting

New name! Who ‘dis?! Don’t worry… you’re still getting the same punchy-as-fuck Ruby. The podcast name change happened due to many revelations that I experienced in my first year of podcasting. And yes, it’s been ONE FULL YEAR! Happy Podcast-a-versary!! In today’s episode, I’m sharing 6 major lessons that I learned in my 1st year […]

Keeping Company Culture Alive

Quite often we see that the challenges people are having in business are actually symptoms of the wrong company culture. Join us as we dissect how cultures are created, the difference between intentional and intentional company cultures, and how you can keep a positive culture alive.

Attention Equals Dollars with Luke Nesler

Creating content for the sake of creating content will NOT get you the leads or conversions you want. You have to be strategic, and this is Luke Nesler’s area of expertise. In this episode, Luke will teach you how to create authority, gain attention online, and create content that converts. Luke Nesler is the CEO […]

Crafting Your Brand Online with Hank Norman

Founder of 2 Market Media Hank Norman has been creating TV and media stars for over 25 years. He has worked with more than a thousand of today’s top experts, personalities and celebrities – from Barbara Walters and Steve Harvey to Grant Cardone and Judge Jeanine Pirro. Hank has helped launch cable networks like Oxygen, personality-based networks like The Grant Cardone Network and daytime talk shows […]