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The Unstoppables: Why Having a “Why” is so Transformative with Dr. Donnica Moore

The question that pauses every guest on Bill Wooditch​’s “The Unstoppables” is: What is your defining moment? Today, Dr. Donnica Moore stops us in our tracks with her answer! Donnica L. Moore, MD is highly regarded as a women’s health expert and advocate: as a physician educator and as a media commentator. Dr. Moore is […]

“Morning Juice!” with Julie Gordon White

Julie Gordon White, an award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author, has advised hundreds of business owners as the founder & CEO of BlueKey Mergers & Acquisitions and The WELL for Women Entrepreneurs, teaching women how to crack the code of growing to a million and someday selling for a million through business coaching and online training […]


The first thing about any mobile app project is that it has to make money. If there’s no way to make money out of it, it isn’t worth your time. So you have an app. Whats next? In this episode, I share my top tips that you can use today to help your app ideas […]

EPISODE 3: Guest Jenny Shih

My personal business ninja, Jenny Shih drops by the show to talk about what frustrates her about the online industry and the 1 step you need to do now to make 2018 THE YEAR your business takes flight. This woman gave me the steps, all the steps to hit a million bucks in my own […]

6 Myths About Starting Your Own Business

The truth is 8 out of 10 businesses fail. The biggest reason is because when people go into a business, they have a disillusioned idea of what business ownership looks like. In this episode of The Jennifer Allwood Show, owner of the Magic Brush and leading paint pro and DIY-er Jennifer Allwood tells you the […]

Building Your Business Online with guest Jenni Ingram

Thinking of taking your business online? Here is the down and dirty of what you need to prepare for! Is it easy? No. Is it possible? Yes! Join me and guest Jenni Ingram from Roots and Wings as we discuss the do’s and dont’s!

Business Tips from Top Business Owners: Part 1

Today’s episode is the first of 3 episodes. Nova Wealth Management sponsored City Gala’s charity event out in LA last month and I had the opportunity to interview a bunch of business owners and get the best business tips from the best of the best. Enjoy this first part to the 3-part series featuring The […]