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EPISODE 7: Work It Like A Woman Wednesday

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The Unstoppables: “Everybody Needs a Coach in Life”

Coach Micheal Burt believes that everybody needs a coach in life, but not just any coach, a Super Coach – a unique blend of intensity and mindset of a former championship coach combined with an entrepreneurial skill set. Through his deep methodology of inner-engineering people to win, his championship coaching acumen, and his versatility to […]

The Unstoppables Carolyn Cole part two

The second part of Bill Wooditch’s interview with Carolyn Cole. After nearly two decades of working as an attorney, Carolyn Cole decided to follow her dreams to become a show host, entrepreneur and Chief Life Officer of “Boomtank”. Today, her “big case” is to help YOU grow your businesses to create more freedom, more income […]

A Look into Brittany Hayes’ Business

Today’s guest is jack of all trades, Brittany Hayes; designer, dreamer, doer, lover of color, and owner of Addison’s Wonderland! Tune in to get the inside scoop on what it’s like being a full-time Digital Media Influencer.