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Morning Juice! – Focus On Your Wins

“This is what’s going WRONG in my business!” When Julie Gordon White meets with a client, they usually start with (and focus on) the negative. Don’t forget to celebrate your wins! If you let your mind default to negativity, you won’t recognize what’s actually working and — most important — WHY it’s working. What’s your […]

Morning Juice! – Risky Referrals

If you rely on referrals as your only source to generate new leads, you are in trouble!


Marques Ogden’s story is a candid look into the life of an NFL athlete who turns into a successful business man then loses it all. The key to overcoming his demons to get his life back on track? MINDSET.

Morning Juice! – Business Trick or Treat

Build your business by intentional design.

Tackle the Fear that Holds YOU Back

Fear can immobilize you and keep you from that next job, promotion, or from asking for the pay you deserve, or chasing your dream job. Why is fear stopping you? We will address fear, its causes and how to deal with it with Dr Shannan Crawford, PhD, licensed Clinical Psychologist. You will get the the […]

Morning Juice! – Be Resourceful

When you’re committed to your dream, you have to persevere until you find the funding you need. How do you find that funding? Julie Gordon White has the solutions!

Fit For Life

From being flat broke and living in a car to have several multi-million dollar businesses today, hear Bethany interview Jesse James Leyva of Jesse James Fit and Outlaw Bootcamp. Jesse’s powerful story will help you live a fit life starting not with your body or your business, but with your heart. Be prepared to be […]

Morning Juice! – Slow Down, Sister!

If you feel like things aren’t going right for your business, here’s what you need to do!