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Lifestyle Changes with Michelle McGlade

Michelle McGlade is a biz savvy healer for healers who supports clients through the unnatural elements of entrepreneurship as an alternative practitioner. All too often, confident, capable women suffer in silence because some part of their business model doesn’t come natural. In this episode, Michelle answers all of your questions to revitalize the action-oriented greatness […]

The Unstoppables: Mark G. Astor – Drug And Alcohol Attorneys

Mark G. Astor has been an attorney since 1994, and has handled thousands of cases ranging from first-degree misdemeanors to Capital Murder. When Mr. Astor is not kicking ass in the courtroom he’s kicking ass in the dojo, he’s a second degree black belt in Krav Maga (the Israeli system of hand to hand combat) […]

12: Developing Great Leadership Skills: John Ebert

John Ebert is one of the most successful McDonalds franchise owners in history. After starting with one store, John has grown his empire to over 40 stores. He joins Luke on the Attention Equals Dollars to talk about marketing, leadership and developing a stellar team.

Do You Need a Career Break? with Katrina McGhee

Katrina McGee drops by to tell me if I need a career break.

WiseHer with Kathryn Rose

Kathryn Rose is on the show today to discuss her project, WiseHer – a technology patform that provides on demand advice for women in business and life.

Your Emotions are Negatively Impacting your Performance

Having emotions is a normal human function, but it’s easy to let them get in the way of our performance. Today we talk about controlling our emotional intelligence and grasping that our emotions are not who we are.

The Unstoppables: Shani Magosky

Shani Magosky is the boss and founder of the “better boss project”. Shani and I talked about the difference between good and bad leadership, how to give feedback and what work culture really is. Don’t miss this episode!

The Unstoppables: Jeremy Callahan “The App Man”

Jeremy Callahan aka “The App Man” returns to The Unstoppables. In this episode we talk about his new course “Minting Money With Apps”, why every company needs an app and how to create one. If you are interested in Jeremy’s course, you can sign up for it here: https://jeremy-callahan.mykajabi.com/a/8845/iq7ZD6LR “Minting Money with Apps” is a […]

The Unstoppables: Joshua Evans

Josh Evans has worked with 100s of companies, from global firms to small businesses, helping both people and organizations build the right kind of culture as “The Corporate Culture Cleaner.” Josh knows that engagement leads to happier employees and more profit for their company.