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80: Knowing When to Let Go in Business

How do you know when it’s time to let go of a service, offer, or product in your business? Join me in this edition of Thursday’s Thoughts as I share my personal experience with letting things go. In this episode, I share why I chose to let go of a 5,000-member Facebook group and why […]

Isn’t It Time You Introduce Your Employees To Each Other?

You and your employees may think you know each other, but do you really know each other? We tend to see other people as we are and not as they are — meaning we filter their actions through our own perceptions of how we think things should be. Seeing other people doing things differently doesn’t mean they […]

79: Taking Ownership of Your Inner Transformation with Mark Tanaka

Taking ownership of your inner transformation will help you create a foundation for success. In this episode, I’m joined by transformational expert, Mark Tanaka. We dive into a deep conversation about transformation that will help you understand and shift your patterns. You’ll also learn how to detach yourself from your emotional wounding so you can […]


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