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Talking Change in the Online Industry with Jason Van Orden

What used to work online isn’t working any longer. The online industry is changing but that doesn’t have to bad thing. Change can feel hard and today’s guest Jason Van Orden is an industry expert who has been around for over a decade. He’s seen more changes than survived them. He’s created seven figure business […]

EPISODE 5: Guest Marie Forleo

Well it’s here…Tis the season of B-School and the vipers are out….everywhere. And I’m OVER it. I’m tired of every single year the same song and dance so I went straight to the source to get answers. This is one of the most important episodes you can watch if you make money online or dream […]
Lisa Mitchell-Nicole Arbour 2.20

Social Media Mega Influencer Nicole Arbour Tells Her Truth

In this episode of The Lisa Mitchell Show, Lisa has a candid interview with the controversial queen of social media, Nicole Arbour. They tackle all things social influence, showing up in any room with confidence, and handling haters and controversy. She shares the real story about her appearance on The View that was nothing more […]


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